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Old Human Skull Curiosities Cabinet Knobs | Pulls - No. 115J21

    Modern curiosities is a quickly growing home decorating trend. This décor style builds on eclectic collections  for an alluring encyclopedic display of all manner of medical curiosities, sideshow gaffs, rarity and the macabre.  We have designed a unique variety of cabinet hardware to accessorize your cabinet of curiosities! Knobs for your furniture and décor pieces add to your collection of strange specimens and odd items.

    • Knobs are sold singly
    • Base color: Black
    • Includes Standard Knob Screw (5mm D x 1 ¼" L)
    • Collection No. 115J21

    Each Handcrafted 360 knob is a one of a kind creation, handmade by our team. High color paper graphics are applied to the wood knob base, then finished with our six step process for a durable high gloss lacquer finish. All dimensional attributes are visual only. Small folds are characteristic of the art adding to the handmade charm. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

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