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Kids Craft Room Art Cupboard Drawer Pull Handle

Colorful Artist Pencil Knobs | Pulls - No. 115A16

    This brightly colored Pencil knob will turn the cabinets, cupboards, drawers and storage areas of your work space into inspirational art pieces. Perfect for the artisan’s studio, children’s art space or cheerful kids bedroom!

    • Knobs are sold singly
    • Base color: White
    • Includes Standard Knob Screw (5mm D x 1 ¼" L)
    • Collection No. 115A16

    Each Handcrafted 360 knob is a one of a kind creation, handmade by our team. High color paper graphics are applied to the wood knob base, then finished with our six step process for a durable high gloss lacquer finish. All dimensional attributes are visual only. Small folds are characteristic of the art adding to the handmade charm. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

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